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The Quake City Portal is a podcast directed by Jon Ferrer, who heard about TLC via SF Village, a San Francisco senior center where TLC Founder and Director Julie Rogers gave a community talk, 'When the Heart Breaks Open ~ Looking at Loss and Grief with TLC' in March of 2022. Jon did some research into TLC and contacted us. Soon after a fruitful phone introduction, Jon made a visit to TLC's headquarters at Julie's home in Oakland, CA. This podcast was recorded there in July of 2022. Many thanks to Jon Ferrer for his openness, inquisitiveness, and meaningful questions. It was a delightful and candid conversation that embraced a whole spectrum of topics: the arena of our service, dharma, aging, working with grief and loss, Buddhism, meeting a Guru, the culture, and more, and a great introduction to both TLC and The Quake City Portal. Click here to hear the episode.

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