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Lama Sonam

Lama Sonam

Lama Gyaltsen

Lama Gyaltsen

Pat Berube

Pat Berube

Getse Rinpoche credit Scott

Getse Rinpoche credit Scott

Chagdud Khadro credit Julie Rog

Chagdud Khadro credit Julie Rog

Chamtrul Rinpoche

Chamtrul Rinpoche

Lingtrul Rinpoche-credit Isis Hao

Lingtrul Rinpoche-credit Isis Hao

Sarah Beasley

Sarah Beasley

Jamie Kimmel, Hospital Chaplain Event-20

Jamie Kimmel, Hospital Chaplain Event-20

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Yudron Wangmo-Events_website 2

Liz Hamill

Liz Hamill



Ben Boblett-Hospice Med Director EVENT

Ben Boblett-Hospice Med Director EVENT

TLC is happy to host another great event with
Loppon Yudron Wangmo
Before Rebirth: The 'Bardo of Becoming'

in Plain English







Sat. October 31, 2020
perfect for Halloween!
2 - 5 p.m. PST on Zoom


Belief in reincarnation is found in many cultures throughout the world. Some young children tell adults about their previous life even more readily than they could recount what they did yesterday. But the most detailed explanation of the spiritual process of dying, being reborn,

and passing through the interval in-between, comes from Tibetan Buddhism. This workshop will focus on the period after death and before conception, called

the Intermediate State of Becoming, the Si pa’i Bardo.

Loppon Yudron will address these five questions: 

  • What is it that reincarnates? The Buddha’s teachings on rebirth and the Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination.

  • What do young children’s say about what they remember before they were conceived?

  • What do the mystical revelations (terma) of meditation adepts from Tibet tell us about the Bardo of Becoming?

  • How can we work with skepticism that may come up for us based on our science education?

  • How we can best help sentient beings in the Bardo of Becoming? 

Loppon Yudron Wangmo is an authorized teacher in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism and she has been a practitioner for 28 years. Her main spiritual mentors have been Lama Tharchin Rinpoche, Adzom Paylo Rinpoche, and Lama Pema Dorje Rinpoche, who authorized her as a Loppon. She has accomplished a formal three-year retreat, and three years of solo retreat. Loppon Yudron is a YouTube creator, an author, and her Dharma teachings are focused on helping people blossom in hard times. A former R.N. and Family Nurse Practitioner, she is now the Director of the Mayum Mountain Foundation and teaches online. To find her go to:



No one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Two-Step Registration Process:

1. Click on the PayPal link below to make your donation.

2. PayPal will then redirect you to a registration form - if you do not register you will not receive the link. If you are not redirected shortly, please contact for assistance. This completes your registration. You will not receive a confirmation email but you will receive the Zoom link on the morning of the event. If you are unable to donate, please email to make arrangements.


Please click here for Registration



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The Sacramento Hospice Consortium presents

















Death - What's Life Got To Do With It?

October 29, 2020 10:45 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Julie Rogers, TLC Founder & Director

Brenda Kress, Sacramento Hospice Consortium Director

Patty Burgess from Teaching Transitions


Learn about Buddhist traditions that uplift living and support those who are dying.

Free Event: pre-registration is required to receive the link.
Register Here 

Living life fully is knowing that at some point it will end. Can we talk about this? Can we explore ways to ritualize it? How do we take care of ourselves while taking care of others?  And what about after we or our loved ones are gone? We invite you to join us as we explore living fully through understanding more about dying. Topics will vary during this four-part event.

TLC Director Julie Rogers will join Brenda Kress in a discussion focused on the Buddhist approach to the end of life. Julie's background in Buddhism, hospice and bereavement training, and professional caregiving informs that both spiritual and secular preparations are needed to support a "good death" in today's world. Our awareness of impermanence, and practice of meditation, communication, and receptivity are key to living a life that will ultimately help us to assist others and ourselves during the dying process. The conversation will be followed by a meditation led by 'Teaching Transitions' Patty Burgess. TLC's 'end of life' manual, 'Instructions for the Transitional State', is available online at

For more info about the conference, contact Brenda Kress, Executive Director,

Sacramento Hospice Consortium, or 916-245-0376.

TLC is happy to announce our first series of classes...

Meditations for Here to Hereafter

with Khenpo Paljor Gyatso

Monthly Meditation Classes

translated by Vanessa Kubota

Meditation has been practiced in some form by virtually every religion in recorded history,  

and is considered essential to spiritual growth. Developing a calm, even mind greatly

improves life and one’s ability to embody compassion, and is a key aspect of preparing 

for a positive transition at death.

Join TLC and Khenpo Paljor Gyatso as he offers simple, straightforward explanations for correct meditation techniques embraced by the Mahayana Buddhist path - Shamata, Vipassana, as well

as more advanced Vajrayana methods. Short practice sessions and an opportunity to address

questions pertaining to the teachings will be included month by month.  

No previous meditation experience is required to participate.

Saturdays 2 - 4 p.m. PST on Zoom

Nov. 21 & Dec. 19, 2020 &

Jan. 16, Feb. 13, March 13 & April 17, 2021




Suggested Sliding Scale Donations:





A fund to provide scholarships for others is available.

Khenpo Paljor encourages a commitment to attend every class if at all possible,

but drop-ins will be allowed. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Personal offerings to the lama and translator are encouraged.


TLC is very happy to have Khenpo Paljor Gyatso teach for us again! Khenpo was born in Amdo, Tibet, and as a child was recognized as the rebirth of a lama from a nearby monastery. He began monastic life at nine and entered Larung Tarig College of Lharung Gar Monastery in Tibet at sixteen. He was a disciple of Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok and Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro among other Masters, and at the remarkably young age of 25 distinguished himself by receiving the title of Khenpo. Khenchen Tsultrim Lodro, the leader and head of Larung Gar Monastery, has asked Khenpo Paljor Gyatso to provide traditional Buddhist teachings to willing and qualified students in North America. Khenpo Paljor’s enthusiasm for dharma, his skill, humility and direct, accessible manner are a source of wisdom, warmth, and delight. Vanessa Kubota is highly regarded as a translator and has assisted many Tibetan lamas in giving a wide range of Buddhist teachings. 



5-16-20 ON ZOOM 'The Healing Nature of Presence' with Amita Lhamo. Program Focus: Former hospice chaplain, spiritual care director, and award winning author of  'Dandelions Blooming in the Cracks of Sidewalks: Stories from the Bedside of the Dying,' and a forthcoming book, 'Wisdom Moon: Presence in Dying', Amita Lhamo shares four qualities of presence available to us in each moment, including times of fear, illness or death. She offers advice and practical tools for remaining present with one another, honoring both our vulnerabilities and our capacities for kindness, with Q & A.

6-7-20 ON ZOOM 'Grief in a Time of Global Pandemic: Exploring a Path of Healing' with Lama Choyang. Program Focus: Lama Choyang, Vajrayana Buddhist teacher, grief counselor, and former hospice chaplain shares reflections on the path of grief and healing. She invites participants to consider grief not as a problem to be solved or emotion to be transcended, but as an experience to be supported, witnessed and loved. The program includes meditation and shared discussion. 

7-18-20 ON ZOOM 'The Truth of Impermanence' with Tulku Jigme Wangdrak Rinpoche, translated by Jacob Archuletta. Program Focus: Jigme Chakung Rinpoche, a fourth-generation descendant of the 19th century master Dudjom Lingpa and founder of Abhaya Fellowship,  offers a simple yet moving overview of the transitory nature of all phenomena and how we can utilize our awareness of impermanence to enhance and accomplish our practice and enrich our daily life. 

8-22-20 ON ZOOM 'The Practice of Bodhicitta' with Venerable Sogan Rinpoche, translated by Christina Monson. Program Focus: Founder of the Sogan Foundation benefitting marginalized people in Golok, Tibet, Sogan Rinpoche is the Spiritual Director of Thubten Osel Choling in the SF Bay area and Thubten Osel Ling in northern Italy. Rinpoche gives a talk focused on practicing for the benefit of all beings, referencing the Bodhicharyavatara and Patrul Rinpoche's A Precious Treasury of Advice from the One-to-One Oral Lineage with wonderful translations by Christina Monson.

10-4-20 ON ZOOM 'The Healing Power of Prayer' with Chagdud Khadro. Program Focus: Chagdud Khadro, spiritual wife of HE Chagdud Rinpoche and Spiritual Director of Khadro Ling in Brazil, lama, editor, author, and p'howa adept, gives an inspiring teaching on both liturgical and personal prayer, bodhicitta, and the healing power of awareness and faith. Highly recommended.



1-20-19 ‘Experiencing the Bardos through Dreaming’ with Khenpo Paljor Gyatso, translated by Jacob Archuletta. Program Focus: Utilizing the teachings of dream yoga and transforming the dream state into Buddhist practice in preparation for death; instructions about the dream bardo, or intermediate state, that takes place during the transition of death, when “clear light” is experienced, with Q & A.


3-10-19 ‘The Practice of Sur Chö–Offering the All-Pervasive Desirables’ with Loppon Yudron   Wangmo. Program Focus: Instructions for a concise traditional Tibetan smoke offering ritual (Sur chöd). This simple, important practice benefits all beings, especially those in the Bardo, hungry ghosts (pretas), and those who have had traumatic deaths. Participants will receive the transmission, teachings, and hands-on instruction for preparing the offering, concluding with the practice.


4-21-19 ‘Understanding the Neydren Ritual for the Deceased’ with Khenpo Paljor Gyatso, translated by Kersten Ancheta. Program Focus: Teachings on the Neydren ritual that guides those in the intermediate state following death to the Realm of Great Bliss, Sukhavati, and higher rebirth; explanation of this essential practice in steps easy to understand, including locating & relaxing the consciousness, gathering accumulations & purifying obscurations, instructions, transference to the pure realm, cremation, and dedication and aspirational prayers. [This film is available in TLC’s Film Archive.]


6-30-19 ‘Receiving the Lama’s Guidance During Transition’ with Lama Tsering Gyaltsen, translated by Cyril Kassoff. Program Focus: Practical instructions about the preliminary practices and how daily practice and awareness of impermanence will prepare us for end of life.


8-25-19 ‘Preparing for a Meaningful Death & Rebirth’ with Chamtrul Rinpoche. Program Focus: Heart instructions about contemplation, practice, and living with awareness to bring the path to fruition in this lifetime, in order to prepare for death.


9-29-19 ‘Transforming Suffering into Compassion’ with Khenpo Paljor Gyatso, translated by Jacob Archuletta. A Reimagine Event Hosted by TLC Transitional Life Care at UCSF Helen Diller Cancer Center, San Francisco. Program Focus: A simple overview and instructions about how to do the Buddhist meditation practice known as ‘Tonglen’.


11-1-19 ‘Clearing the Way: Meditation on Vajrasattva’ with Khenpo Paljor Gyatso. A Reimagine Event Hosted by TLC Transitional Life Care at SF Dharma Collective, San Francisco. Program Focus: Instructions for Vajrasattva practice, a Buddhist method using mantra and visualization, that assists in transforming negativity, challenging habits, difficult attitudes, and anxiety into positive states of mind, especially helpful at the end of life.



1-28-18 ‘Why Hospice: A Doctor’s Perspective’ with Dr. Benjamin Boblett, MD and Medical Director at Mission Hospice & Home Care. Program focus: Information and guidance in an open format sharing professional and personal experiences about what palliative and hospice care can offer.


3-25-18 ‘Relaxing with Impermanence & Change’ with Lama Pat Berube, RN, MA, dharma teacher and Director of Clear Light Institute in Fairfax, CA, a Vajrayana Buddhist program supporting contemplative approaches to dealing with illness, death, and dying. Program focus: Meditations that support awareness and the direct experience of our innately pure and open nature, which help us meet the challenges in life, including our own mortality, with equanimity and ease.


4-24, 25 & 26-18 ‘Teachings for the Transition–Preparing for the End of Life’ with Chagdud Khadro. Program focus: Teachings and advice for the end of life and Amitabha empowerment with p’howa teachings and practice. Esteemed American lama p’howa master Chagdud Khadro draws on thirty years of experience teaching p’howa and guiding the dying and deceased, as authorized by her teacher and husband, HE Chagdud Rinpoche. [Two films from this event are available in TLC’s Film Archive.]


5-20-18 ‘Bridging East and West: How Buddhism is Vital to Modern Healthcare’ with Lama Frederico Trancoso and Liz Hamill-Howard, Hospice Chaplains. Program Focus: Understanding how to provide spiritual and bedside support to those in transition, and their loved ones; hospital chaplains committed to the Buddhist tradition offer a bridge between the spiritual and medical worlds.


7-29-18 ‘The Bardos During Transition’ with Khenpo Paljor Gyatso, translated by Shashi Reitz. Program Focus: Instructions for and about the experience of dying and what occurs during this process; explanations and clarification about what takes place during the transitional state, or bardos; Q & A.


8-26-18 ‘Open Heart Mandala – A Creative Mandala Workshop’ with Artist Nancy Hom. Program Focus: Construction of a large mandala onsite, incorporating photos, prayers and offerings for deceased friends and loved ones. This guided, hands-on workshop is an exploration of creatively working with loss and bereavement.


1/29/17 The Zen Hospice Project: ‘Reflections on Volunteering with Zen Hospice’ with Hospice Educator Alistair Shanks. Program focus: Alistair Shanks’ storehouse of experience with serving the dying and training others allow him to share a unique viewpoint and keen insights; Q & A and group discussion related to helping others as we live into dying with dignity, grace, and awareness.

3-26-17 ‘End of Life Decisions-Making Hard & Loving Choices’ with Lama Pat Berube, RN, MA, dharma teacher and Director of Clear Light Institute in Fairfax, CA, a Vajrayana Buddhist program supporting contemplative approaches to dealing with illness, death, and dying. Program focus: Screening of the film: ‘Fear of Death’ / Review of 5 Wishes Document & Legacy Letters. 


5-21-17 Tsa Tsa Workshop PART 2/ Working with Clay w/Nirabhra Taylor, head of the department at ‘Magical Display of the Arts’ at Pema Osel Ling Vajrayana Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Program focus: Working with traditional Tibetan Buddhist tsa tsa molds using clay; enshrining cremation ashes and creating iconographic forms in the shapes of stupas. 


7-23-17 ‘Speaking from the Heart – Spiritual Care in Times of Need’ with Jamie Kimmel, Hospital Chaplin. Program focus: practical advice about creating trust to open the topic of death for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike, and how the teachings of interdependence and emptiness can be applied to ordinary situations at an extraordinary time of life.


8-20-17 ‘Preparing for Death’ with HH Kathog Getse Rinpoche, Dzog Chen Master, Head of the Nyingma School of Vajrayana Buddhism, “heart son” of HH Dalai Lama, translated by Dr. Robert Clark. [This film is available in TLC’s Film Archive.] Program focus: Teachings from a Buddhist sutra, and heart advice, embracing the end of life and how to prepare the mind for transition.


9-24-17 ‘Meditation as Sustenance for Death & Dying’ with author Sarah C. Beasley. Program focus: A conversation with participants to discover the opportunities for sustenance offered by Buddhist practice in order to support ourselves and others during the dying process, and how to live more fully.


11-19-17 ‘Death & Dying – A Tibetan Medical Perspective with Dr. Thinley Gyatso. Program focus: Both a Tibetan doctor and Registered Nurse, Thinley Gyatso offers perspectives from both ancient and modern healing systems regarding what happens during the dying process, including an examination of the dissolution of the elements at death.



1-31-16 Understanding the Bardos with Lama Les Collins, student/teacher of Ven. offering bardo study and practice opportunities at ODD and other centers. Program focus: How Buddhism became the religion of Tibet and the concept of Six Bardos.


3-20-16 Extending Life with Buddhist Practice with Lama Drimed, resident teacher at ODD and at Dechen Rang Dharma Center in San Jose. Program focus: Life Release and the three traditional Vajrayana customs that can lengthen life.


5/22/16 The East Bay Conversation Project & Atul Gawende’s film ‘Being Mortal’ with Dr. Peter Candell, formerly w/Alameda Family Physicians, Asst. Clinical Professor at UCSF School of Medicine, Department of Family & Community Medicine, currently w/The East Bay Conversation Project & the ACCMA Physicians Group dedicated to Physician’s Advanced Care Planning and End of Life Care Conversations. Program   focus: exploring what matters most to patients facing terminal illness, their families,   and doctors, and taking control of one’s own health care decisions. 


7-31-16 Tsa Tsa Making Workshop with Magical Display of the Arts & Nirabhra Taylor, head of the department at ‘Magical Display of the Arts’ at Pema Osel Ling Vajrayana Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Program focus: learning to create Tsa-tsas, small clay forms (Tibetan Buddhist sacred objects of art) and their molds to be utilized after death. 


8-7-16 Caring for the Body After Death & Instructions for Cremation, Part 1 with Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche, a Nyingmapa Ritual Master of Tibetan Buddhism and resident teacher at Pema Osel Ling in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Program focus: caring for the body after death, including spiritual and practice advice, and instructions in preparing for traditional Vajrayana cremation.  


9-25-16 A Buddhist View of Grief and Loss & Lama Tsultrim Allione’s film ‘Taking Grief on the Path’ with Fran Anderson, retired Clinical Psychologist, and Rosie Kaufman, retired Marriage and Family Therapist, both from Tara Mandala Bay Area Sangha. Program focus: discussion about loss and grief, sharing experiences, exploring how to work with loss as Buddhist practitioners, and an overview of Tara Mandala Sangha’s ‘Bay Area Resource Guide for Death & Dying’.


11-12 & 13-16 Caring for the Body After Death & Instructions for Cremation, Part 2 with Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche, a Nyingmapa Ritual Master of Tibetan Buddhism and resident teacher at Pema Osel Ling in the Santa Cruz Mountains, translated by Joshua Duncan. Program focus: caring for the body after death, including spiritual and practice advice, and instructions in preparing for Vajrayana cremation. [A short film demonstrating wrapping the body for cremation will be available from TLC.] Kick off for TLC’s monthly ‘TEACHINGS OF THE MASTERS’ film series, starting with ‘Advice For Death & Dying’ taught by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche.



3-8-15   Introductory Gathering: Program Launch and Overview Discussion with TLC Founder and Director, Julie Rogers, long-time student of Ven. Gyatrul Rinpoche, hospice volunteer and caregiver educated in hospice and bereavement training, and author of ‘Instructions for the Transitional State’, the TLC program manual.


5-17-15 Living Fully, Dying Meaningfully/End of Life Decisions with Lama Pat Berube, RN, MA, dharma teacher and Director of Clear Light Institute in Fairfax, CA, a Vajrayana Buddhist program supporting contemplative approaches to dealing with illness, death, and dying. Program focus: stories about end of life; preparing end of life paperwork: Spiritual Wills, Advance Directives, Power of Attorney, POLSTs, and The Five Wishes Document.


7-26-15 Nursing Perspectives on the End of Life with Buffy Plante, critical care nurse, and Joshua Hayes, hospice nurse, both long-time Vajrayana practitioners. Program focus: Dying with comfort and dignity versus saving life at all costs.


8-23-15 Death and Dying from a Buddhist Perspective / The Conversation with Paloma Landry, Tibetan/English translator. Paloma has presented programs on death and dying for over twelve years in twenty-five Buddhist communities. Program focus: Having the necessary conversations with our families about our end of life wishes, and how Westerners address death and dying from both spiritual and practical perspectives.


9-27-15 Teachings on Phowa - Transference of Consciousness with Venerable Lingtrul Rinpoche, the reincarnation of Ling Lama Chökyi Dorje and an emanation of Longchenpa, translated by Cyril Kassoff.Program focus: Vajrayana practice at death; instructions for phowa, reading transmission.


11-22-15 Caregiving at the End of Life with Buffy Plante and Joshua Hayes (asked to return due to popular demand.) Program focus: How to know the signs and provide comfort, support, and optimum circumstances for those entering the end of life transition. 

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