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Moving through Grief with Trust - An Excerpt from a Dharma Talk by Lama Choyang...34:57

This video is an excerpt from Lama Choyang's talk about actively working with grief. Personal loss, the impact of our climate crisis, the war in Ukraine, and the ongoing pandemic are all addressed. Lama Choyang explores how we access our refuge, the ground, and the spaciousness to stay present for our suffering hearts and world, drawing from her experience as a hospice chaplain and dharma teacher. Lama Choyang (Allison Rader) is a Vajrayana Buddhist teacher who worked as a hospice chaplain for five years with Hospice of Humboldt. Her root teachers are Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche and his Dzogchen lineage holder, Lama Drimed Norbu. She completed seven years of retreat under Lama Drimed's guidance and was ordained by him in 2009. Lama Choyang teaches dharma, leads retreats, and offers grief counseling, grief workshops, and spiritual mentoring in Arcata, CA, and online.


Password: LamaChoyangGrief3

Recorded 7-23-22

Tsoknyi Rinpoche's teaching 'The Bardo of Luminosity'

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