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“A will is a written document expressing a deceased person's wishes, from naming guardians of minor children to bequeathing objects and cash assets to friends, relatives, or charities. A will becomes active only after one's death. A trust is active the day you create it, and a grantor may list the distribution of assets before their death in it, unlike a will. There are irrevocable trusts, often created for tax purposes, which cannot be altered after their creation, and living trusts, which can be changed by the grantor.”


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CalPDF A fiduciary training organization for California.


Professional Fiduciary Association of California Education, Advocacy and Advancement for Professional Fiduciaries:


The Art of Dying Well (User friendly Advanced Care Directive manual and documents legal in all 50 states of the US. Recommended by TLC.


Five Wishes Document (User-friendly Advanced Health Care Directive) 


Peacefully Prepared (Spiritual Care Directive Info)

Prepare for Your Care

Family Caregiver Alliance

Medicare by State - Information



Threshold Choir International: Offering bedside singing for those approaching the end of life.


Awakened Endings / Hospice Nurse and Death Doula Stephanie Crawford, RN, BSN Counsel and support for the dying, families, and caregivers:


Informed Final Choices / Crestone End of Life Project A variety of end-of-life and bereavement workshops supporting communities, individuals, and organizations across the country: Informed Final Choices,

Dzogchen Beara - The Rigpa Spiritual Care Centre Buddhist support for the dying, recovering, and the family and friends of the deceased providing various programs with facilities in Germany and Ireland

The Living/Dying Project Spiritual support for the dying, caregivers, and families:

The Order of the Good Death founded by Caitlin Doughty, an American mortician, author, blogger, and YouTube personality known for advocating death acceptance and the reform of Western funeral industry practices. She is the creator of the web series "Ask a Mortician", founder of The Order of the Good Death, and author of the bestselling books Smoke Gets in Your Eyes & Other Lessons from the Crematory, published in 2014 by W.W. Norton and Company, From Here to Eternity and Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? [All three books are recommended by TLC Founder & Director, Julie Rogers] 

Caring Advocates Strategic Advanced Care Planning - specializing in Alzheimer's and Dementia, Advanced Care Planning, Wills, POLSTs, Advanced Directives, information and support.


Open Caregiving An abundance of resources for all aspects of end-of-life care: Caregiving Glossary; Caregiving Stories; Caregiver Support Groups; Advanced Directives; Hospice; Medicare; Medicaid; Home Health Care; Respite Care


Pleural Mesothelioma Center - Giving Mesothelioma Cancer Patients Hope

Alzheimer Support A free service for families who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. A search tool with a nationwide database of Alzheimer’s care facilities is provided, along with locations for licensed, properly equipped care homes and communities.





Zen Caregiving Project

Open Caregiving Caregivers' Guide to Hospice - various hospice resources, information and support


International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care


Children’s Hospice International


ehospice / Palliative News, Views and Inspiration from Around the World / Find a Hospice Agency





Weathering Grief



Healing Circles Global

Refuge In Grief

Open Caregiving - Grief Counseling




The Natural Funeral (Ecological Death Care/Reverant Body Care/Home Funeral)

Destination Destiny ~Nationwide Green Burial Information and Services

Recompose (Alternative to cremation and traditional burial)

Better Place Forests (Alternative to traditional burial)

The Forest~An Oregon Dedicated Natural Burial Ground~Green Burial


Green Burial

US Urns Online (Final Disposition Options)

Sacred Crossings Funeral Home (Green Burial Alternatives / Los Angeles

Funeral Consumer's Alliance


National Home Funeral Alliance




The Death Deck


Go Wish Cards / Coda Alliance


Hospice Foundation of America

The Conversation Project



Death Over Dinner


The Death Café


Ever Plans (assistance with personal organization)

Open Caregiving "Opening the Conversation"

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