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The slides below were offered by Dr. Nashalla Nyinda, taken from her powerpoint presentation on the occasion of TLC's event, "Tibetan Medical Approaches to Care in the Dying Process", recorded on 9/10/22. The entire program video will soon be accessible via this website here.  These images enhance  the descriptions of the various states that are shared on the 'Stages of Dissolution' page  here. TLC is very grateful to Dr. Nyinda for making this information available to you.

Dr. Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda, Menpa TMD MA Acu LMT began the study of Tibetan Medicine over twenty years ago and has attended Chagpori Institute Clinic in India, the [Ching hi] Qinghai Tibetan Medical College, Tibet, The Shang Shung Institute of Tibetan Medicine, Naropa University, and The Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture. She is now an Adjunct Professor at Naropa University and teaches healing techniques worldwide. Certified as a teacher of the TARA Approach in 2004, she taught this Japanese acupressure system and mentored practitioners, translated it into Tibetan, and taught this in Asia. Dr. Nyinda also teaches Buddhism at the Rocky Mountain Thrangu Center, and is the director of the Nyinda Clinic of Tibetan Medicine & Holistic Healing Clinic in Boulder, Colorado.

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