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Transitional State Forum at Saraha Nyingma Institute, Eugene, Oregon 2019

Instructions for the Transitional State

A Guide for Vajrayana Buddhists

Transitional State Forums with Julie Rogers

We are all approaching death and we can do this with confidence, if we feel prepared. Buddhism teaches us that this is one of the most profound opportunities of our lifetime. With the guidance of Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, Julie Rogers has created and will share a concise manual of instructions to assist ourselves and others with transition. Presented in a simple and direct manner according to Vajrayana tradition, she’ll discuss ways to ready oneself for the end of life, facing the approach of death, preparing the body, engaging in practice, observing behavior that benefits the deceased, dispensing with remains, and associated concerns. Her overview and the manual also include advice from Buddhist masters and a complete checklist to deal with secular issues, resource materials, and a glossary clarifying terms for those who are not Buddhist. This Forum is known to provide groups with meaningful opportunities for bonding and dialogue. The manual is available for pre-ordering preceding events and it is recommended that participants acquire this material. (See below.) Julie Rogers has been leading Transitional State Forums since 2016.

This one-day forum may be sponsored by groups.

Suggested Donation for the Forum on a sliding scale per participant TBD.

Ordained are welcome free - for more information contact, Attn. Director.


“As western practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, we are blessed with a plethora of very profound teachings and advice on how to die and how to deal with the dying and dead. However, when someone we know is dying, we are often not sure how to apply these teachings; in short, we don’t know what to do. But that problem is now solved. Julie Rogers, a diligent, long-time student of Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, has compiled very clear, precise and detailed instructions on exactly what to do for the dying and deceased here in America. This guidance is extremely helpful and exactly what we need. There are very few books on Tibetan Buddhism that I would unequivocally say are must-haves; this is one.” -- Bruce Newman, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Tibetan Buddhism published by Snow Lion

Needed text: ‘Instructions for the Transitional State’ by Julie Rogers $12 plus shipping


For other text ordering info email:

A student of Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche since 1983, Julie Rogers is the Founder and Director of TLC Transitional Life Care. She is authorized by Gyatrul Rinpoche and Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche to offer end-of-life instruction, and has completed training in Patient and Bereavement Care at Ashland Community Hospital Hospice in Ashland, Oregon, and in Children’s Bereavement at Winter Spring Center in Medford, OR. She is the author of "Instructions for the Transitional State" and other titles and has taught creative writing and led Buddhist practice groups.




















“Many thanks for bringing this information and practice to light this weekend in Eugene. Both Teresa and I wish to express gratitude and found your presentation extremely beneficial!” Moira Volz after the Forum at Saraha Nyingma Institute, Eugene OR


“Linda, my Sakya-sister, attended the TLC workshop you held recently in Oakland, and she was so very, very glad she went! She said she really felt welcomed and good about you and all the people who attended and wants to continue attending the TLC events at ODD. You, and the program, made quite an impression and impact on her! Your work is really important and I feel your perseverance and faith is making a big difference in people’s thoughts and directions with their own end of life. Very, very well done!” Norine Nishimura, after the Forum at Mayum Mountain Foundation Happy Garden of Practitioners, Oakland, CA


“I'm very grateful for the opportunity created for us with TLC.” 

Roger Hardy, TLC Volunteer at Orgyen Dorje Den, Alameda, CA


“With deep love, compassion, and gratitude, I wish to thank you for the beautiful daylong experience of Instructions for the Transitional State in Santa Monica this past Spring. With blessings, peace, love, and gratitude.” Debra Jean Rawdin, MS, after the Forum at So Cal Yeshe Nyingpo, Santa Monica, CA 


“You should be proud!  Great work.” Lin Lerner, New York


“You are doing so many wonderful offerings and communications. Your work is very valuable and rare. Important to everyone.” Nora McKay


“Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.  It is much appreciated!” Adrienne Harris, SF East Bay Area


“Thank you so much for such a wonderful day focused on death and dying - preparing for transition.” Toni Bauer, Director of the Wisdom Center, Santa Cruz, CA


“Deep gratitude for this information, all the work you have dedicated to creating this offering, and most especially for the loving, kind, wise, and humorous way you hold space.” Brandy, Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group, Sacramento, CA


“What a precious offering! So very grateful for your skillful, kind, graceful knowledge.” Jena, Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group, Sacramento, CA


“Thank you for the very thorough talk. It was very beneficial.” Donna, Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group, Sacramento, CA


“Thank you, Julie, for all your work and for bringing this topic to Sacramento.” Lauren True, Co-Director, Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group, Sacramento, CA


“Thanks–a whole new area of study just opened up. So enriching.” Susan, Diamond Light Tibetan Buddhist Group, Sacramento, CA

5-22-22 Forum_photo for website.jpg

Transitional State Forum with Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche's North Bay Area Sangha, California 2022

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